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Taxation is one area that touches everyone;  and for every business transaction, there are direct and indirect tax consequences. Professional tax planning is required.

You should seek professional tax advice when:

  • Your business becomes profitable and grows
  • Your business structure becomes more complex
  • The government introduces new tax legislation and changes
  • Your business  acquires another business or new real estate
  • Your business divests itself of an operating unit or sells a significant asset
  • Your business expands internationally
  • You decide to sell your business or transfer it to a family member
  • You plan for retirement and the distribution of wealth to your beneficiaries
  • You prepare your will

Tax planning is crucial for both your business and personal portfolios. Tax strategies can be developed to reduce taxes and obtain tax savings.  An effective tax strategy will help to reduce expenses, safeguard your assets and provide your management team with solutions for more effective, efficient and economical business decisions.

To succeed, you need professionals who can identify opportunitites and resolve issues in a creative and proactive manner. SLF tax specialists will enable you to identify relevant issues as you benefit from a wealth of practical and technical expertise, including:

  • Corporate tax planning & compliance
  • Personal tax planning & compliance
  • Estate and retirement planning
  • Corporate restructuring
  • International tax:
    • planning
    • compliance
    • transfer pricing
    • expatriates
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
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Adivising clients

GST/HST services include:

  • Voluntary disclosure to avoid the assessment of penalties on unpaid GST/HST
  • Problem resolution of assessments received from CRA re: GST/HST
  • Responsibility of non-residents carrying on business in Canada
  • Understanding your GST/HST responsibilities

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