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In today's continuously evolving  business environment, a public accounting firm has to be able to keep up-to-date with the changes in standards and apply them in a manner that best reflects clients' needs.

Canada's harmonization with the accounting standards of the international community for public companies, while retaining unique Canadian accounting standards as a choice for non-public companies and not-for-profit organizations, means that Canadian public accounting firms need to adapt to such changes. In the US, on the contrary, accounting standards continue to retain a US flavour, thus adding to the complexity of financial reporting. As a mid-tier firm, SLF has  recognized these unique challenges and is strategically placed to meet these diverse needs.

Assurance standards have also undergone significant changes, and as with accounting standards, Canada has adopted international auditing standards.  SLF's assurance services cover a range of areas, including auditing, other types of assurance engagements, and compilations. To manitain quality, objectivity, independence and integrity in the provision of its services, SLF has implemented a stringent set of quality control policies.

Our experience ranges from services both inside and outside of Canada and covers  a broad range of industries including entities in the exploratory stage such as mining and oil and gas, agriculture, automotive, shipping, pharmaceutical, retail, distribution, manufacturing and more.

our assurance services:

  • Use a common sense approach
  • Include audit and other assurance and related solutions
  • Understand the business environment
  • Are risk based
  • Adhere to quality and independence
  • Recognize the needs of stakeholders
  • Are competitive


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