Consulting & Advisory Solutions

Driving Your Business Forward

Your SLF adviser will work hand in hand with you to provide an array of services vital to the well-being of your company, today and in the future. In an increasingly complex business environment, both here in Canada and internationally, it is important to have a trusted advisor in your corner with knowledge of regulatory issues, tax matters and accounting standards applicable to private and public companies.

Financial Due Diligence

If you’re planning to make an acquisition in or outside of Canada, we can help you identify and review critical issues before you finalize the deal in order to maximize value for you and your stakeholders.

Family Office Services

If you need assistance in managing your family’s wealth and business affairs, our family office experts are here to serve you. They can help you manage assets and properties in several countries as well as businesses and private investment portfolios for members of your extended family. And they can also advise you on how to best direct your charitable giving to optimize the benefits for all concerned. Think of your SLF family office expert as your own personal CFO!